Executive Committee


Fred Smith

CDM Smith, Inc.

President Elect

Kim Riddell-Furry



Mike Welke

City of Warren

Past President

Jamie Gellner

Hazen and Sawyer

​Secretary Treasurer

​Jane Winkler

Retired from City of Hamilton

WEF Delegate

Dale Kocarek


WEF Delegate

Ted Baker

Baker and Associates

WEF Delegate

Kathy Richards

City of Akron

SW Section Delegate

​Jason Tincu

Greene County

SE Section Delegate

Brandon Fox

City of Columbus

NW Section Delegate

Jeff Lamson

City of Fremont

NE Section Delegate

​Mary Ann Driscoll

Burgess & Niple, Inc.


Executive Committee        
            President Fred Smith

2019 Annual Conference
            Chairs Doug Borkosky, Dave Sprague,
            & Elizabeth Wick

2020 Annual Conference
            Chairs Jennie Celik & Angelina Joseph

2021 Annual Conference
            Chairs Jason Tincu & Dave Wilson

            Chair Ted Baker

            Chair Kathy Richards

Charitable Outreach           
            Chairs Afaf Musa & Stephanie Johnson

Collection Systems
            Chair Bill Horst

Contact Hours
            Chair Marc Morgan

Government and Regulatory Affairs
            Chair Dale Kocarek

Laboratory Analysis
            Chairs Melodi Clark & Tony Hintze

            Chair Fred Smith

            Chair Elizabeth Wick

            Chair Jason Tincu

Past Presidents
            Chair Michael Frommer

Plant Operations
            Chairs Joe Tillison & Walter Ariss

Pretreatment & Industrial
            Chair Sharon Vaughn

Public Education
            Chair Kevin Stilwell

            Chair Elizabeth Wick

            Chair Kathy Richards

            Chairs Mike Welke & Nathan Coey

            Chair Ted Baker

Utility Enhancement
           chair position open

            Chair Anil Tangirala

Young Professionals
            Chair Lindsey Hassenauer

Doug Borkosky
            Dave Sprague,
            & Elizabeth Wick

June 22-25, 2020

Holiday Inn
Independence, OH

Call for Abstracts will open Fall of 2019

            Jennie Celik
            & Angelina Joseph

Dates TBD

            Jason Tincu
            & Dave Wilson

OWEA Awards

Have someone to nominate for an OWEA Award?
Please contact your section's Award Representative.

F. D. Dean Stewart Award
The Dean Stewart Award is presented to an individual for their efforts in plant operations, maintenance, and especially for their keeping of records, and reports of the operations.

J. W. Ellms Award
The J.W. Ellms Award is presented to an individual who is an administrative or supervisory position, stressing participation in conference activities, civic affairs and leadership.

F. H. Waring Award
The F.H. Waring Award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated a significant contribution to the field of industrial waste treatment by the organization and administration of an industrial program for pollution abatement, or research and development of analytical procedures, or treatment processes pertinent to industrial wastes, or outstanding operation of an industrial waste treatment plant as indicated by operation and maintenance, records, and reports of operation.

W.D. Sheets Award
The Ohio Water Environment Association presents the W.D. Sheets Award to an individual who is active in the field of education, and demonstrates outstanding accomplishment and service in the field of training and education of students for positions in the area of operation and design of wastewater facilities.

Tom Hagerty Award
The Ohio Water Environment Association is please to present the L.T. Tom Hagerty Award to a public agency employee who unselfishly provides guidance and assistance to wastewater plant operators and superintendents as a part of their duties within an agency. Emphasis is placed on a candidate?s direct involvement with assisting plant operators in the understanding of regulatory requirements, plant operations, state certification and operator training.

Engineering Excellence Award
The focus of this award is on a project and not a person. The selected project must have been in operation for a period of one (1) year and not more than five (5) years. The OWEA award winner will be a candidate for the Water Environment Federation George J. Schroepfer Medal.

Laboratory Analyst Award
This award was established in 1997. This award recognizes a laboratory analyst who has demonstrated excellence and professionalism in their daily laboratory work.

Professional Wastewater Operations (PWO) Award
Honors individuals doing Front Line work and who have contributed practical application, professionalism and dedication to their particular wastewater treatment system. The individual selected is usually in a non-administrative, non-management or non-supervisory position. However, a one-person treatment facility operator is also eligible.

Lifetime Engineering Achievement Award
This award was established to honor a member who as an Ohio design engineer has consistently delivered good basic engineering design of wastewater facilities over a period of 20 or more years. Awardee must be an Active, Lifetime, or Retired member of OWEA, recognized by his/her peers as having demonstrated a high level of competence in the design profession.

Public Service Award (Public Official)
This award is presented to an elected Ohio official or officials demonstrating a significant commitment to the protection and improvement of the water environment.Awardee need not be a member of the Ohio Water Environment Association.

Collection System Award
The Collection System Award is presented to an individual for contributions to the advancement of state-of-the-art wastewater collection.

Facility Image Award
This Award is intended to recognize OWEA members who have enhanced the physical image of their workplace by cleaning up their own work facilities or have promoted our profession through outreach to the public. The result of this upgrade or outreach effort shall be the presentation of a better image for our profession as viewed by the general public.

            Ted Baker


            Incoming Chair: Jamie Gellner
            NE: Dan Johnson
            NW: Elizabeth Wick
            SE: Fred Smith
            SW: Roger Rardain
            OEPA: Julia Zhang

WEF Member Association Awards

Have someone to nominate
for a WEF Award? 

​Please contact your section's
Award Representative.

William D. Hatfield Award
The William D. Hatfield Award is presented to operators of wastewater treatment plants for outstanding performance and professionalism.

Arthur Sidney Bedell Award
The Arthur Sidney Bedell Award was established to acknowledge extraordinary personal service to a Member Association.

Laboratory Analyst Excellence Award
This award recognizes individuals for outstanding performance, professionalism and contributions to the water quality analysis profession.

George W. Burke Award
Presented to a municipality or industrial wastewater facility for an active and effective safety program.
(Selected by the OWEA Safety Committee)

WEF Awards

WEF Award Information

Quarter Century Operator's Club
Award is presented at the OWEA Annual Conference.

Details and application

Charitable Outreach Committee

            Afaf Musa
            & Stephanie Johnson