5S Society




Inducted June 26, 2019
(l-r)  Mark Poling, Kathy Richards, Jon Eckel, Dave Wilson, Joe Tillison

Inducted August 29, 2018
(l-r) Terry Spiegel, Peter Schneider, Paul Solanics, Elizabeth Wick, Bill Zawiski, Brandon Fox, Laura Tegethoff

Inducted June 28, 2017
(l-r) Laura Tegethoff, Al Zamora, Mary Ann Driscoll, Fred Smith, Barb Browne, Melodi Clark, Elizabeth Wick, Rick Warner

Inducted June 29, 2016
(l-r) Laura Tegethoff, Paul Bowen, Jason Tincu, Tyler Linton, Bob Beyer, Jim Hewitt, Dan Wickard, Elizabeth Wick


Inducted June 24, 2015
(l-r) John Hoffman, Mike Maringer,  Michael Benza, Dan Martin, Jenny Hartfelder

Inducted August 27, 2014
(l-r) Jamie Gellner, Barb Wagner, Lance Willard, Mike Heniken, and Jeff Lamson
(Honorary Inductees Judi Henrich and George Martin not pictured)

Inducted June 19, 2013
(l-r) Matt Bond, Guy Jamesson, Ed Nutter, Mike Welke, and Doug Borkoskly, (Dan Miklos not pictured)

Inducted June 20, 2012
(l-r) Kim Riddell, Dennis Meek, Dave Frank, Paul Matrka, and Cordell Samuels (Barb Swafford not pictured)

Inducted June 22, 2011
(l-r) Sandra Ralston, Steve Hallett, Nancy Taylor, Debbie Schafer, Dan Johnson, and Frank D'Ambrosia

Inducted June 16, 2010
(l-r) Mike Burgess, Judy Jones, Billy Slaven, Dail Hollopeter; Bruce Wiser, and Jim Hays

Inducted June 24, 2009
(l-r) Doug Clark, Patrick Gsellman, Cindy Jacobsen, Danny Sullivan, Mike Frommer, and Rebecca West

Listed on the linked document below are the Ohio members that have been inducted to the honorable Society of 5Sers of Ohio since the first installation in 1985. If you know of any information that needs updated please notify our Effluent Recorder Laura Tegethoff.
Any other questions, comments, concerns, wishes, or useless information should be directed to our illustrious Influent Integrator Laura Tegethhoff

Updated 8/12/19