The Ohio Water Environment Association is proud to offer you two membership options, so you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

WEF Membership

The Water Environment Federation (WEF) is a not-for profit technical and educational organization whose mission is to connect water professionals. WEF members are located in every state and across the world. OWEA is a Member Association of WEF and was one of the early members.  WEF membership gives you the benefits of joining a large, national organization while staying connected at the local level. 

OWEA State Only Membership

An OWEA State Only Membership offers those interested a less expensive, locally focused option. This membership will offer great discounts on OWEA events, the Buckeye Bulletin and many other advantages. OWEA is divided into four sections. These sections allow further involvement with the affairs of their particular region and offer members an opportunity to participate in our Association without extensive travel. The state only membership carries no WEF benefits.

What's included?

WEFState Only
Discount on OWEA eventsXX
Discount on One Water eventsXX
Complimentary Job PostingsXX
Subscription to the Buckeye Bulletin (OWEA’s quarterly printed magazine)XX
Subscription to the OWEA electronic newsletterXX
Ability to serve as both members and chairs on OWEA/Section committeesXX
Ability to serve as a WEF delegateX
Ability to serve on the OWEA Executive CommitteeX
Ability to serve on WEF committees or in leadershipX
WEF PublicationsX
Complimentary WEF webcastsX
Discounts on WEF technical publications, products and servicesX
Utility Partnership ProgramX

OWEA State Only Membership

OWEA offers two options to allow for you to choose the membership that best describes what you do.

Professional Membership – $90/year

This is for water professionals who are not operators or lab personnel. This group will include utility managers, engineers, sales professionals, vendors, and most management.

Professional Wastewater Operator/Laboratory membership – $50/year

This is meant for those holding a wastewater license or frontline unlicensed operators who work in a treatment plant. It is also for those working in a municipal laboratory.

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Note: This is for NEW State Only Members.
Please login to your account to renew an existing state only membership.

WEF Membership

WEF offers many different membership options including Professional, PWO, Corporate, Student, Retired, and more. Additional information for each of these categories can be found at the link below. 

When you join WEF you can select one or more Member Association (MA). By adding Ohio as your MA you will receive full membership benefits to both WEF and OWEA.

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Free Student Membership

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Update Membership Information

If you have had change in employer, contact information, etc., you can update your profile using this form.

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Promotion? New Job?

Were you promoted to a new position or did you recently change your place of employment? Let your colleagues know in the Roll Call section of the next Buckeye Bulletin. Announcements are published for OWEA members.

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Membership FAQs

No. State only membership has two categories, professional and professional wastewater operator/lab. The other categories are only available through WEF and at greatly reduced costs.

We want as many water professionals as possible across the state to experience everything OWEA has to offer. We believe the best way to increase our membership reach is to offer options and state only membership provides an opportunity for those whom a WEF membership may not be an option to still be part of the OWEA family.

No, to join as or remain a UPP member you will need to be a WEF member. The UPP program is NOT an option with state only membership.

No, state only members will receive an email with their membership number upon joining but will not be mailed a card.

Yes. Members of the state Executive Committee are required to be WEF members.

No. There is no difference in service from OWEA between the memberships. The differences occur concerning state only members not receiving WEF discounts and communications.

No. NESOWEA section only membership is separate from both OWEA and WEF membership. If you are a state only or WEF member, and are located in the NE section, you will automatically be a member of the NESOWEA, but NESWOEA section only membership provides member rate pricing ONLY for NE section events. NESOWEA section only membership is maintained exclusively by the NESOWEA section and any questions concerning section only membership should be directed to them.

WEF offers a variety of membership levels. Most WEF memberships entitle you to all the benefits of WEF and OWEA membership. This includes: Discounts to WEFTEC and specialty WEF conferences; Various WEF publications including: Water Environment & Technology, Water Environment Research Online, WEF Conference Proceedings Archive Online, WEF SmartBrief; Complimentary WEF Webcasts; Up to 20% off the member price of WEF published technical publications; Networking and leadership opportunities through service on WEF Committees; ALL of the state only membership benefits.

You will need your WEF membership to expire and then you can switch to a state only membership.

Both WEF and state only membership renewals are one year from the date you joined.

No. WEF doesn‘t track state only members. Your state only membership does not qualify you for ANY WEF membership benefits.

If you want to make that switch prior to your membership expiring, you will still need to pay the full amount due. We suggest waiting until your next renewal period to make the switch.

Yes. Full WEF membership is only required for state Executive Committee members.

Yes. Both WEF and OWEA membership are individual and tied to a specific person, not an employer, so one employer could have employees with different types of memberships.

No. OWEA recognizes WEF membership with Ohio named as the MA and OWEA state only membership.

WEF membership needs are handled exclusively by WEF. You can reach their customer service at 1/800-666-0206.

No. OWEA recognizes WEF membership with Ohio named as the MA and OWEA state only membership.

No. Refunds are not given on any memberships.