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Are you able to help a short staffed plant?

Our water professionals in Ohio are one large family and we want to help each other in this time of need. We are all in this together. We know many of our facilities could find themselves short staffed due to COVID-19, use this page if you are available to help keep Ohio's wastewater operations running during this unprecedented time. Please complete the form below to be added to the list.

Please check with your employer or organization as appropriate prior to filling out this form. 

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Do you need help at a short staffed plant?

Below is a list of people or organizations who are willing to help. Please do not use this list other than what it is intended for, which is helping each other through this crisis.

Stanley Jay Roberts
Village of Bradford/Village of Gettysburg
Bradford, OH
Class I Water & Class II Wastewater

Christopher Gilcher
Southwest Licking Community Water & Sewer District
New Concord, OH
Ohio EPA Water Supply Operator III
Ohio EPA Wastewater Treatment Operator III
Ohio WEA Wastewater Lab Analyst I

Jeff Lamson
City of Fremont
Fremont, OH
Class IV Wastewater Operator
Class IV Wastewater Analyst

Bryan Riley
Jeffersonville, OH
WW2 and WS1

Kevin Connor
City of Defiance
Defiance, OH
Ohio EPA Wastewater III
Ohio EPA Water I
OWEA Lab Analyst III 

Nathan Coey
City of Wooster
Wooster Ohio; Residence Sunbury Ohio
Ohio Wastewater 4, Ohio Water Supply 3 
Additional Notes: Operations assistance in the system and facilities. Laboratory assistance. Maintenance assistance 

Frank D'Ambrosia
Archbold, Ohio
Ohio Wastewater 3

Tim Newland
City of Bellefontaine
Bellefontaine, OH
Class III Water Supply

Eric Wenzinger 
Ayersville Water & Sewer District
Defiance, OH

Larry Hanes
Hanes Environmental Inc.
Marion, OH
1-Class l Wastewater
1- Class lll Wastewater 

Mike Heniken
Marblehead, OH
Ohio Class 3 Wastewater Operator
While I have a Class 3 operator's license, I have never been in responsible charge of a treatment plant. I can find my way around one without a problem. I recently retired after spending more than 40 years primarily working in the City of Columbus centralized Surveillance Laboratory. Always willing to get my hands dirty.

William Traugh
Nelsonville WTP
Nelsonville, OH
Class 3 water plant operator

Joseph Hickman
City of Newark, OH
Granville, OH
Additional Notes: Prefer to stay central Ohio

Eric MacMichael
City of Bellevue
WW Class IV

Kevin Bock
New Knoxville, OH

Edward Nutter
Newark, Ohio

Bob Brown 
Kent, Ohio
Ohio Class IV Wastewater

David Mosher
City of Wooster
Wooster, Ohio
(330) 347-3615
WW 3, WS 2
Additional Notes: 29 plus years of operational knowledge

Kim Riddell-Furry
Delphos, OH
Class IV Wastewater Operator
Class II Wastewater Analyst

Christen Wood
Summit County
Kent, Ohio
Willoughby, Ohio
Akron, Ohio
Ohio EPA Class III Wastewater Operator
Professional Wastewater Operator Class IV (National, not recognized in Ohio)
Ohio Wastewater Laboratory Analyst Class II
Additional Notes: Experience with many plants from package size all the way up to 400MGD. 

Joan Waugh
City of Jackson WWTP
Jackson, Ohio
OEPA Class III Wastewater Operator License
OWEA Lab Analyst II Certification
OWEA Pretreatment Inspector Certification

Ted Bennett
Jones & Henry Engineers
Toledo, OH
Ohio PE

Dave Wilson
BL Anderson
Butler County, Ohio
Ohio Wastewater IV
Ohio Water Distribution II

Jeffrey Meinert Jr.
City of Cincinnati, MSD
Milford, Ohio
Waste Water Treatment 1

Marc Jones
AVJ Environmental LLC
Amherst, Ohio
Class 4 wastewater state of Ohio

John J. Nemet
Newton Falls, Ohio 44444
Class III Ohio Water Supply
Class IV Wastewater
Class I OWEA Voluntary Laboratory Certification
Water and Wastewater Laboratory Supervisory and Operational Experience  

John Garrett
Delaware County Regional Sewer District
Orient, OH
Ohio EPA Wastewater Treatment Operator III
Ohio WEA Wastewater Lab Analyst I

Laura Adams
City of Twinsburg
Class IV Wastewater Operators License
Class II Wastewater Lab Analyst Certification
Class B CDL with Tankers Endorsement. 

Chris Kobus
City of Rocky River WWTP
Rocky River, Ohio
waste water treatment class 1 

Barry Oiler
City of Rocky River WWTP
Rocky River, Ohio
Wastewater Class 1
Instrumentation Maintenance Tech. Electrical, Instrumentation, SCADA repair. 

Mark Stoffan
Northwood, Ohio
Class III Water and Class III Wastewater Operator licenses and a Class IV wastewater lab analyst license
Have been licensed in water lab procedures.

Chad Hess
Village of New Waterford WTP/WWTP
New Waterford, OH
Water Supply II
Wastewater Treatment II

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Additional Resources

EPA Guidance During this Time

Designating Essential Employees and Service Providers

Ohio EPA has received questions regarding essential employees and suppliers/contractors that may be vital to ensuring water and wastewater facilities continue operating during periods of emergency.

Ohio EPA would provide the following guidance:

Municipal systems (village, county and city) should have a process in place to designate essential employees and provide credentials identifying them.

Utilities should review their contingency plans and identify material suppliers, labs, contract operators, etc. that are essential to ensuring the continuing operation of water and wastewater facilities.  Once identified, utilities should reach out to those suppliers and ask them to join the Ohio Public Private Partnership(OP3) by going to the following weblink : and clicking the link to join the partnership.  The location is demonstrated in the screenshot below.

In the event of an emergency declaration that limits travel, membership in the partnership will give the suppliers, labs, certified operators, etc. the ability to request approval and credentials as essential to the treatment of water or wastewater. These credentials will allow them to continue to provide the services necessary to keep water and wastewater facilities functioning.

Private utilities, contract operators and Water and Sewer Districts should take the same steps outlined above for joining OP3.

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