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Visit the Public Education Information page for great examples and links to resources for student and public education.

Public Education Committee
Nakita Lancaster, Brown and Caldwell
Tom Voldrich, CT Consultants
Kim Riddell, Alloway
Chris Tarr, Great Lakes Environmental Center

"What I Learned at a Water Reclamation Facility"  Article

OWEA Public Education and Outreach Funding Assistance Request (EOFAR) Program

  • The OWEA Public Education and Outreach Funding Assistance Request (EOFAR) Program was established by the Public Education Committee in 2015 to ensure continued success of OWEA’s commitment to public education and outreach to the citizens of Ohio of all ages; particularly K-12.
  • The average funding level is $500 per application/applicant, but varies depending on the number of applicants and funding level requested.  Additional monies will be considered based on the amount available and the appropriateness / level of complexity of the project or outreach activity.
  • Funds are available on a first come, first serve basis and must be used within the academic year requested (if school), or within three months of non-school. Projects will be evaluated using the criteria noted in the full program description below. Recipients will be notified of award within three weeks of application receipt.
  • Full program description
  • Funding Assistance Request Form