Northwest Section Officers

 Northwest Section OWEA Officers and Committee Chairs


 President Jeff Thompson City of St. Marys 419.394.5193
 1st Vice President, Membership Walter Ariss Ohio EPA 419.373.3070
 2nd Vice President, Publications Gary Bauer Jones & Henry Engineering 419.473.9611
Secretary Mark Lehnert City of Defiance 419.576.2069
Treasurer Dave Sprague Retired 419.394.8616
Section Delegate Kim Riddell Alloway 419.234.4507
Contact Hour Coordinator Pat Tebbe Ohio EPA 419.373.3016
Past President Roberta Acosta  Ohio RCAP  419.724.4155, 419.344.0704
Awards Michelle Mix Ohio EPA 419.373.3019
Collections Matt Witter K.E. McCartney & Associates Inc. 419.525.0093
Government Affairs Elizabeth Wick Ohio EPA 419.373.3002
Historian Dan McElhatten City of Tiffin 419.448.5440
Pretreatment Industrial Waste Gary Bauer Jones & Henry Engineering 419.473.9611
Laboratory Tony Hintze
Terry Brenner
City of Fremont
City of Perrysburg
Personnel Education Frank  D'Ambrosia
Jeff Lamson
City of Fremont
Operations Joe Tillison
Todd Saums
City of Bowling Green
Residuals Management Andrew Gall Ohio EPA 419.373.3003
Safety Vacant    
Young Professionals Phillip Teague Jones & Henry Engineers, Ltd 419.473.9611
Watershed Vacant    
At-Large Doug Borkosky HL Baker 614.361.3673
At-Large Jeff Lamson City of Fremont 419.334.3876
WEF Delegate Kim Riddell Alloway 419.234.4507