Buckeye Bulletin Author Guidelines


You Can Become a Buckeye Bulletin Author

The Ohio Water Environment Association has a great magazine that belongs to the membership. If you present at a workshop or section meeting, consider turning your presentation into an article for the Buckeye Bulletin. Each section has a representative who is a champion for the Buckeye Bulletin. If that person approaches you to request an article, consider it a compliment!

If you implemented a change in operations or installed new equipment at your plant that improved operations, increased efficiency, or saved energy, consider writing a Buckeye Bulletin article about it.

The OWEA staff edits submissions and produces the magazine layout. The OWEA Publications Committee provides the final round of editing and quality review prior to publication. Any grammar errors should be caught by this team.

General Guidelines
  •     Articles should be 1500-2000 words with descriptive photos. Please check for space availability if your article is longer.
  •     Articles submitted in Word with minimal formatting are best.
  •     You may submit an abstract to make sure your article would be an appropriate subject for the Buckeye Bulletin.
  •     Accepted articles will be included as space is available in upcoming publications.

Photo Guidelines
  • Please submit photos with maximum resolution possible.
  • Attach photos/graphics as separate image files.
  • Images should be submitted as jpg or png files in the highest resolution possible, original camera files if available.
  • Captions should be sent in an email or word doc, brief, and referenced to image.
  • Do not imbed photos in Word docs.

If your article focuses on a specific process or area of the water quality field, it would be deemed a “technical” or “feature” article. Technical and feature articles can’t be disguised product pitches or advertorials for a particular service or company. Describing real world examples of technologies in place at Ohio facilities also make good articles for the Buckeye Bulletin.

Plant profile articles are coordinated by each section, so contact the Publications Committee representative in your section for article schedule.

General Submission Dates are:
January 1st for Issue 1 (Publishes in early February)
April 1st for Issue 2 (Publishes in early May)
July 1st for Issue 3 (Publishes in early August)
October 1st for Issue 4 (Publishes in early November)

If you have any questions, please contact:
Megan Borror, OWEA Staff, megan@ohiowea.org