Workshop Presentations


Sanitary Sewer Pump Station Rehabilitation, Replacement and Upgrade Planning Lake County Department of Utilities  Gary Fedak Director of Operations Lake County Department of Utilities Tim McCann Project Manager AECOM                                                                                                                                             
IIoT Transformation of Cincinnati MSD Collection SystemEd Heyob CDM Smith Automation Engineer 
The Blacklick Creek Sanitary Interceptor Sewer (BCSIS) Presenters:  Nick Domenick, PE City of Columbus Michael Garnes, PE - EMH&T
Varied Approaches to Wet Weather SSO & CSO ChallengesKris Ruggles, P.E., STRAND
A New Integration of Modeling and Remote Sensing

John Barton, PhD, PE 

Reese Johnson,  PE 

A Property Management Model for Green Infrastructure Site MaintenanceMike Blair, NEORSD
Asset Management Helping to Move the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department into the 21st Century Christopher Pawlowski, AECOM
Palencia Mobley, DWSD
Akron Waterways Renewed! (AWR) Public Outreach ProgramPatrick Gsellman, AWR Program Manager Heather Bolestridge, Communications Manager
SAYING GOODBYE TO THAT LAST SSOAdam Sackenheim, City of Fairfield
Justin M Kuhbander P.E., Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber, Inc. 

Nutrients Workshop 2018

Ohio Point Sources - Jason Tincu and other POTW reps
Watershed Concepts - Lightning Round 1
Point Source Controls - Lightning Round 2
AG/biosolids - Lightning Round 3
Technologies - Lightning Round 4
Plant Ops and Lab Workshop 2018
Use of Computer Models for Operator Training

Rob Smith, YSI-Xylem

Total Orgainc Carbon (TOC) Analysis as a substitute for BOD in Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation: Case StudyJohn Welsh-YSI
Orthophosphate Monitoring and Phosphorus Removal ControlRob Smith, YSI-Xylem
Understanding Nutrients-Nitrogen Cycling, Phosphorus Species, and WastewaterDenise Johnson & Paul Skerl, NEORSD
Ohio EPA Operator Certification UpdateTanushree Courlas, Ohio EPA
New Plant Start-up ChallengesMark Chandler & Chad Kidd, Delaware County
Ortho Phosphate in WastewaterNicole Jones-BoJhun, Environmental Services
Lab Game ShowJerry Wright-City of Dayton
Pataskala WRF Plant ProfileNathan Coey, City of Pataskala
Eaton WWTP - Plant ProfileZac Wilson, City of Eaton
Essentials of pH MeasurementTim Meirose-Thermo Scientific
Wadsworth: A Community UnmatchedKristi Babcock, City of Wadsworth
Fecal Coliform Analysis in Wastewater by Quanti-Tray MethodAmy Staley, Alloway
Fremont WRC Facility Upgrade: Challenges and SuccessesJosh Wehring & Jeff Lamson, City of Fremont
Fundamentals of water sampling with portable automatic samplesChris Cushman-YSI
Oh, the Places You'll Go! Tips, Tricks, Skills and Traits that will Advance Your Career and Optimize your UtilitiesJason Tincu, OWEA & Dave Wilson, BL Anderson
The MDL ProcedureCarol Turner-NEORSD
Cocktail Hour Round Table DiscussionModerated by Joe Tillison, City of Bowling Green & Walter Ariss, OEPA
Eating Change for BreakfastJessica Bishop, Brown and Caldwell & Jason Tincu, OWEA
30 Years at the Newark WWTP: How things changed but remainedEd Nutter, City of Newark
The Use of Freshwater Macroinvertebrates to Monitor EffluentRhonda Mendel, Enviroscience
SLRAT Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool Uses and Case StudiesBob Hunn, Dukes Root Control, Inc.
Plant Optimization without RiskJim Borton, Jacobs
Sample Handling - Things to ConsiderKim Riddell-Furry, Alloway
Capital Planning, The Process and Lessons LearnedMatt Boone, Arcadis
The importance of reading and understanding your permitsMelodi Clark, City of Columbus

Watershed Workshop 2018
Biosolids Workshop 2018
Leveraging Existing Furnace Capital AssetsBILL LILL, JR., INDUSTRIAL FURNACE
Sustainable Approaches to Water Treatment Residuals ManagementBRET CASEY, HAZEN AND SAWYER
Rolling the Dice: Dynamic Solids Disposal Modeling to Reduce RiskKEVIN CAMPANELLA, BURGESS & NIPLE 
Scum Handling/Treatment and Biosolids Cake Transport - Two DANIEL MILLER, JONES & HENRY ENGINEERS
Southerly Grease Unloading Station Design, Construction and OperationHARRY SHAPOSKA, NEORSD & JEFF IFFT, BROWN AND CALDWELL
Alternative Project Delivery: 2 Step Progressive Design BuildRENATO CONTIPELLI, QUASAR ENERGY GROUP
Sludge Pumping TechnologiesMARTY DAVIDSON, BL ANDERSON
Taking a Bite Out of Digester Cleaning CostsJESUS RODRIGUEZ, JWC ENVIRONMENTAL
MSDGC Biosolids and Odor Control Master Planning EffortsMATT SPIDARE, MSDGC &

2019 OWEA Conference
Prioritizing Sewer Cleaning in Cincinnati with Acoustic InspectionTodd Trabert and Randy Schneider, Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati
How Advances in Computer Vision, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are Helping Municipals to Inspect Underground AssetsRobert Lee, Subterra AI INC
Retrofitting a Pump Station for Intermediate and Future UseAdam Athmer, Strand Associates, Inc.
A Focused Sanitary Sewer Survey Provides Actionable Results for a Successful Sewer Rehabilitation ProjectGary Silcott, P.E., Stantec
Lets Get This Program Started - Hidden Challenges of Large Diameter Sewer Rehab ProjectsJoe Siwek, Tetra Tech; Matt Choma, Lucas County Sanitary Engineer
Successful I&I Reduction using Design-Build - Developing and Implementing the River Valley Highlands Design-Build Sewer Rehabilitation ProjectJames W Shelton, Arcadis US, Inc.
A Tale of a Corroded Pipe: Failures, Analysis and MitigationMarissa Lauer, Brown and Caldwell; Mike Erkkila, Lake County Department of Utilities
Toledo Waterways Initiative Downtown Storage Basin Project - Case StudyDerek Dalton, P.E., Stantec; David Selhorst, P.E., City of Toledo
Dayton Parallel Intercetor- Innovative Construction MethodsLarry Kremer, City of Dayton Water Engineering Dept.; Dan Martin, RA Consultants
Progressive Design-Build Upgrade to MBR Helps University Optimize Water ReuseMark Strahota, Hazen and Sawyer
Preparing for the Unexpected During Design, Construction, and CommissioningSierra McCreary, Black & Veatch; Tim Weaver, City of Springfield
SBR to BNR in 10 Years - Phased, Grant Funded ImprovementsMark Upite, P.E., Burgess & Niple, Inc.; Sam Swanson, PE, Burgess & Niple, Inc.; Kyle Cribbet, Village of Williamsburg
Sanitary Conveyance and Treatment Improvement Western Region: Progressive Design-Build ProjectClint Wilson, P.E., Black & Veatch
A Public-Private Collaboration for Replacement of a Collapsed SewerBrian Egan, AECOM; Louis Burnoski, AECOM; Amanda Foote, AECOM; Doug Lopata, NEORSD
Modeling Saves City of Youngstown $$$ by Rethinking LTCP StrategySaid AbouAbdallah, Arcadis US, Inc.
Often Overlooked - Lessons from WWTP Non-Potable Water ModelDante Fiorino, Brown and Caldwell; Darin Wise, City of Columbus Southerly WWTP
A Comprehensive Sanitary Sewer Study of the City of WarrenLouis Burnoski, AECOM; Ed Haller, City of Warren; Tanner Adair, AECOM
Reducing Odor Complaints through Air Dispersion Modeling and Odor Control Master PlanningAmy West, Brown and Caldwell; Sara Cramer, MSDGC
Application of Real-Time Weather Forecast in Collection System OperationTiantian Xiang, Arcadis US, Inc.; Hazem Gheith, Arcadis US, Inc.
Integrating Plant and Enterprise Systems to Streamline OperationsVicki McCorkle, T&M Associates
CFD Methods for Evaluating Air Entrainment in Drop StructuresJohn Wendelbo, Flow Science; Brian Fox, Flow Science
Achieving Chesapeake
Bay Nutrient Limits at a
Large WWTP
Bob Andryszak, RK&K
Using Metabolic and
Physical Selectors to
Densify Activated Sludge
Mark Strahota, Hazen and
Time-Tested Bio-P
Removal Options for
Cold and Wet Weather
Jim Fitzpatrick, Black &
Enhanced Nutrient
Removal Upgrades Using
Ballasted Activated
Sludge Technology
Kevin Nash, RK&K
A Look into
Phosphorus Removal
Jamie Mills. Strand
Associates, Inc.
Improvements for
Nutrient Removal at a
Package Plant
Elizabeth Buening,
Delaware County
Struvite Recovery
Lessons Learned
David Wrightsman,
Fond du Lacs
Project - Design, Startup,
and Lessons Learned
Randy Wirtz, Ph.D.,
P.E., Strand Associates,
Inc.; Jamie Mills, Strand
Associates, Inc.
Master Planning New
Phosphorus Limits &
Asset Management
Peter Kube, Arcadis US,
Inc.; Nick Dailey, City of
Dayton; Sharon Vaughn,
City of Dayton
BioCEPT Treatment for
Wet Weather Flows at
Akrons WRF
Dan Johnson, P.E.,
Burgess & Niple; Brian
Gresser, P.E., City of Akron
Determining WWTP
Screen Capacity During
Wet Weather Flows
Dante Fiorino, Brown and
Caldwell; Troy Branson,
City of Columbus
How Old Are Your
Lamps: Cost Effectively
Upgrading Your UV
Lindsey Hassenauer,
Hazen and Sawyer
Improving WWTP Safety
by Complying with NFPA
820 & NFPA 70E
Arvin Kasyouhanan,
Arcadis US, Inc.; Jason
Watts, Delaware County
Navigating Regulatory
Mandates with Limited
Funds and Resources
Kris Ruggles, Strand
Associates, Inc.
Can a POTW Receiving
Industrial Loads
Comply with Future
TP Limits? The City of
Newark Story
Dr. Samuel Jeyanayagam,
Jacobs; Brian Curry, City
of Newark
A Cost Effective Solution
to Total Dissolved Solids
Rick Johnson, Applied
Environmental Solutions
Wapakoneta, Ohio -
Wastewater Treatment
Challenges after
Attracting a New Industry
Christy McCarthy, Jacobs
The Cuyahoga River,
1969 to Present
Ed Kelly, Storm Water
Control Services, LLC
Oxidation Reduction
Potential, a Versatile
but Misunderstood
Wastewater Treatment
Monitoring Parameter
Laura St. Pierre, YSI, a
Xylem brand
Determination of Readily
Biodegradable COD
Radek Bolek, Alloway
Evaluation of High
Precision In-situ
Analysis Against
Benchtop Lab Analyzers
for Process Insight
Dave Rutowski, Hach
Process Management
Leading Water and Wastewater Utility InnovationJoanna Brunner, Arcadis US, Inc.
Water Quality Standards Variances: Not Just for MercuryAdrienne Nemura, Geosyntec Consultants
Ohio EPA Update - Surface WaterTiffani Kavalec, Ohio EPA
Ohio EPA UpdateLaurie Stevenson, Ohio EPA
Sinking Feeling- Finding and Fixing Leaking Plant Conduits and Air PipingRobert Hrusovsky, Stantec; Harry Shaposka, NEORSD; Robert Bonnett-NEORSD
Airflow Ventilation of Sewers and TunnelsAdam Dellinger, HDR; Jennie Celik, HDR
BWARI Biofilter Rehabilitation - Converting a Liability into an AssetLee Weber, P.E., Black & Veatch
Hamilton, Ohio - WWTP Biosolids
and Energy Master Planning
Randy Wirtz, Ph.D., P.E.; Strand
Associates, Inc.; Dwight Culberson,
City of Hamilton, Ohio; Dave
Jenkins, City of Hamilton, Ohio;
Jenn Delebreau, P.E., Strand
Pelletization of Thermal Dried
Sludge to Improve Usability and
Marketability of Biofertilizer
Sudhakar Viswanathan, Veolia; Meg
Hollowed, Veolia; Wes Yellen, ITAC;
Damon Forney, Town of Cary
Gravity Settling: Harnessing the
Law of Nature
Dale E. Kocarek, P.E., BCEE,
Stantec; Joseph D. Cook, P.E.,
Stantec; Michael J. Brewster, P.E.,
Stantec; Troy K. Branson, P.E., City
of Columbus
The Sludge Thickens! Gravity
Belt Thickening to Increase
Timothy McCann, P.E., AECOM;
Terry Korzan, City of Elyria
Keys to an Effective GI Operations
and Maintenance Program
William Landshof, Arcadis US, Inc.;
Kurt Kinney, Arcadis US, Inc.
Startup and Commissioning
Enhanced High-Rate Treatment in
Jim Fitzpatrick, Black & Veatch; Tony
Yee, Metropolitan Sewer District of
Greater Cincinnati
Toledos Ottawa River Storage
Facility Design, Construction and
Tim Harmsen, Arcadis US, Inc.
Planning Large GI Programs
Using Automated ArcGIS tool
Khaled Abdo, Arcadis US, Inc.