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OWEA Revised Course Numbers
Excel Spreadsheet attached above, published list is also below

Affected Dates:
NE Operations Seminar 1/21/2016
SW Industrial Waste Seminar 1/28/2016
NE Industrial Waste Seminar 2/18/2016
SW YP Tour 7/27/2016
NW LAC Meeting 7/28/2016
NW Spouses and Friends 8/5/2016
NE LAC Meeting 8/12/2016
SE LAC Meeting 8/23/2016
OWEA Biosolids Workshop 12/1/2016
SW LAC Meeting 2/9/2017
NE Industrial Waste Seminar 2/16/2017
OWEA Collections Workshop 5/2/2017
SW Nearly Free Seminar 6/1/2017
OWEA 2017 Conference 6/26/2017
OWEA 2017 Conference 6/27/2017
OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017
OWEA 2017 Conference 6/29/2017
SW LAC Meeting 7/13/2017

General Contact Hour Information

All Revised Course Numbers Sorted by date:
New Course Approval Number OLD Course Approval Number Event Name Date Course Title Hours Approved
OEPAENF-S-001874-OM OWEA-S-001874-OM NE Operations Seminar 1/21/2016 Cambi Thermal Hydrolysis Process 0.5
OEPAENF-S-001875-OM OWEA-S-001875-OM NE Operations Seminar 1/21/2016 Conventional Anaerobic Digestion-The Basic Process 0.5
OEPAENF-S-001876-OM OWEA-S-001876-OM NE Operations Seminar 1/21/2016 Membrane Thickened Aerobic Digestion Processes 0.5
OEPAENF-S-001877-OM OWEA-S-001877-OM NE Operations Seminar 1/21/2016 Dewatering Equipment Overview: Application, Operations and Maintenance 0.75
OEPAENF-S-001878-OM OWEA-S-001878-OM NE Operations Seminar 1/21/2016 History of Lime Stabilization in the USA 0.5
OEPAENF-S-001879-OM OWEA-S-001879-OM NE Operations Seminar 1/21/2016 Composting Operations 0.5
OEPAENF-S-001880-OM OWEA-S-001880-OM NE Operations Seminar 1/21/2016 Class A Bioosolid Production from Acid-Gas Phase Digestion 0.5
OEPAENF-S-001881-OM OWEA-S-001881-OM NE Operations Seminar 1/21/2016 Study Problem for Aerobic and Anaerobic Digestion 0.5
OEPAENF-S-001882-OM OWEA-S-001882-OM NE Operations Seminar 1/21/2016 ThemAer ATAD. A Simple Approach to Class A Solids Protection 0.5
OEPAENF-S-001883-OM OWEA-S-001883-OM NE Operations Seminar 1/21/2016 High Rate Anaerobic Digestion with Energy Recovery 0.5
OEPAENF-S-001884-OM OWEA-S-001884-OM NE Operations Seminar 1/21/2016 Biosolids Rules Ohio Administrative Code 3745-40 0.5
OEPAENF-S-001885-OM OWEA-S-001885-OM NE Operations Seminar 1/21/2016 Conventional Aerobic Digestion-The Basic Process 0.5
OEPAENF-S-001860-OM OWEA-S-001860-OM SW Industrial Waste Seminar 1/28/2016 Ohio EPA Update 0.75
OEPAENF-S-001861-OM OWEA-S-001861-OM SW Industrial Waste Seminar 1/28/2016 Accelerated Lagoon Sludge Digestion Using Biostimul. 0.75
OEPAENF-S-001862-OM OWEA-S-001862-OM SW Industrial Waste Seminar 1/28/2016 Rec./Ben. Reuse of Waste Food/Beverage Companies 0.5
OEPAENF-S-001863-OM OWEA-S-001863-OM SW Industrial Waste Seminar 1/28/2016 Handling Modern Trash-Collection System Challenges 0.75
OEPAENF-S-001864-OM OWEA-S-001864-OM SW Industrial Waste Seminar 1/28/2016 Managing Our Wastewater Sys./ Meeting Cust. Demands 0.75
OEPAENF-S-001865-OM OWEA-S-001865-OM SW Industrial Waste Seminar 1/28/2016 Pretreatment Local Limits Development 0.75
OEPAENF-B-00140-OM OWEA-B-00140-OM SW Industrial Waste Seminar 1/28/2016 Industrial Equipment and Supplies 0.75
OEPAENF-B-00108-X OWEA-B-00108-X SW Industrial Waste Seminar 1/28/2016 Energy Upgrades and Performance Contracting 0.75
OEPAENF-S-001886-OM OWEA-S-001886-OM NE Industrial Waste Seminar 2/18/2016 Saving our Synthetic Seas 0.75
OEPAENF-S-001887-OM OWEA-S-001887-OM NE Industrial Waste Seminar 2/18/2016 It is Vital to Understand the Nature of Winery Wastewater 0.75
OEPAENF-S-001888-OM OWEA-S-001888-OM NE Industrial Waste Seminar 2/18/2016 Beneficial Use of Indust. Contam. Sediments Harvested from former Cuyahoga River CFD's 0.75
OEPAENF-S-001890-OM OWEA-S-001890-OM NE Industrial Waste Seminar 2/18/2016 Exhibitor Presentations 0.75
OEPAENF-S-001891-OM OWEA-S-001891-OM NE Industrial Waste Seminar 2/18/2016 The New OCAPP and the Encouraging Environmental Excellence Program 0.75
OEPAENF-S-001892-OM OWEA-S-001892-OM NE Industrial Waste Seminar 2/18/2016 Mother Nature's Treatment Methods: Using Passive Gtreat. For a variety of WW Streams 0.75
OEPAENF-S-001893-OM OWEA-S-001893-OM NE Industrial Waste Seminar 2/18/2016 Wast e to Resource-Reduction, Recycling and Reuse 0.75
OEPAENF-B-00109-X OWEA-B-00109-X NE Industrial Waste Seminar 2/18/2016 No more meltdown: Making Media Work for You 0.75
OEPAENF-S-002007-OM OWEA-S-002007-OM SW YP Tour 7/27/2016 Eastern Regional water Reclamation Facility Tour 1
OEPAENF-S-002008-OM OWEA-S-002008-OM NW LAC Meeting 7/28/2016 Stream Surveys 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002009-OM OWEA-S-002009-OM NW LAC Meeting 7/28/2016 Overview of Bioassay Analysis 1
OEPAENF-S-002010-OM OWEA-S-002010-OM NW LAC Meeting 7/28/2016 Sample Collection and Field Measurements 1
OEPAENF-B-00148-OM OWEA-B-00148-OM NW Spouses and Friends 8/5/2016 Water and Wastewater Management Practices at Toledo Zoo 0.75
OEPAENF-B-00149-OM OWEA-B-00149-OM NW Spouses and Friends 8/5/2016 Toledo Zoo Facilities Tour 1
OEPAENF-S-002014-OM OWEA-S-002014-OM NE LAC Meeting 8/12/2016 Salmonella 1
OEPAENF-S-002015-OM OWEA-S-002015-OM NE LAC Meeting 8/12/2016 Total and Dissolved Phosphorus Monitoring Study 1
OEPAENF-S-002011-OM OWEA-S-002011-OM SE LAC Meeting 8/23/2016 Tour of Newark WWTP 1.5
OEPAENF-S-002012-OM OWEA-S-002012-OM SE LAC Meeting 8/23/2016 Total Phosphorus and Dissolved Phosphorus Monitoring Study 1
OEPAENF-S-002013-OM OWEA-S-002013-OM SE LAC Meeting 8/23/2016 Promoting Good Lab Practice 1
OEPAENF-S-002113-OM OWEA-S-002113-OM OWEA Biosolids Workshop 12/1/2016 Reliable Management of WWTP Solids with Microwave Monitoring 0.75
OEPAENF-S-002114-OM OWEA-S-002114-OM OWEA Biosolids Workshop 12/1/2016 Process Monitoring of Suspended Solids with Optical Sensors 0.75
OEPAENF-S-002115-OM OWEA-S-002115-OM OWEA Biosolids Workshop 12/1/2016 Advancements in Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meters 0.75
OEPAENF-S-002116-OM OWEA-S-002116-OM OWEA Biosolids Workshop 12/1/2016 Columbus Southerly Solids Loadout Improvements 0.75
OEPAENF-S-002117-OM OWEA-S-002117-OM OWEA Biosolids Workshop 12/1/2016 Conditioning and Dewatering of Municipal Wastewater Solids 0.75
OEPAENF-S-002118-OM OWEA-S-002118-OM OWEA Biosolids Workshop 12/1/2016 What's hot in Biosolids Processing 0.75
OEPAENF-S-002119-OM OWEA-S-002119-OM OWEA Biosolids Workshop 12/1/2016 Centralized Digestion Operations from WWTP and Beyond 0.75
OEPAENF-S-002120-OM OWEA-S-002120-OM OWEA Biosolids Workshop 12/1/2016 Feedstock Separation: Organic verswus Inorganic 0.75
OEPAENF-S-002135-OM OWEA-S-002135-OM SW LAC Meeting 2/9/2017 Tour of City of Dayton Water Reclamation Laboratory 1
OEPAENF-S-002136-OM OWEA-S-002136-OM SW LAC Meeting 2/9/2017 Update on Senate Bill 1-Phosphorus monitoring/study for all Major WWTP's 0.75
OEPAENF-S-002137-OM OWEA-S-002137-OM SW LAC Meeting 2/9/2017 DSW eBusiness Services-Reporting, Permitting, and Compliance Made Easy 0.75
OEPAENF-S-002138-X OWEA-S-002138-X SW LAC Meeting 2/9/2017 Notice of Violations-What you Need to Know from Issuance to Resolution 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002127-OM OWEA-S-002127-OM NE Industrial Waste Seminar 2/16/2017 Ohio EPA DSW Program Updates 0.75
OEPAENF-S-002128-OM OWEA-S-002128-OM NE Industrial Waste Seminar 2/16/2017 Powell Water Systems-Treatment by Electrocoagulation 0.75
OEPAENF-S-002129-OM OWEA-S-002129-OM NE Industrial Waste Seminar 2/16/2017 Fats, Oils and Greasese-FOG from Ind./Commerc. Sector: Impact on Sewage Sys and Prev. 0.75
OEPAENF-S-002130-OM OWEA-S-002130-OM NE Industrial Waste Seminar 2/16/2017 Brewery Waste Management: Great Lakes Brewing Company 0.75
OEPAENF-S-002131-OM OWEA-S-002131-OM NE Industrial Waste Seminar 2/16/2017 Case Study: Kelly Plating Company 0.75
OEPAENF-S-002132-OM OWEA-S-002132-OM NE Industrial Waste Seminar 2/16/2017 NEORSD Stormwater Management Plan 0.75
OEPAENF-S-002133-OM OWEA-S-002133-OM NE Industrial Waste Seminar 2/16/2017 State Emergency Response Commision (SERC) Rules and Regulations 0.75
OEPAENF-S-002134-OM OWEA-S-002134-OM NE Industrial Waste Seminar 2/16/2017 Exhibitor Presentations 2017 1
OEPAENF-S-002171-OM OWEA-S-002171-OM OWEA Collections Workshop 5/2/2017 Blueprint Columbus 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002194-OM OWEA-S-002194-OM SW Nearly Free Seminar 6/1/2017 Evaluation of Peracetic acid (PAA) as wastewater disinfectant in a pilot study 1
OEPAENF-S-002195-OM OWEA-S-002195-OM SW Nearly Free Seminar 6/1/2017 Lower East Fork Plant Profile 0.75
OEPAENF-S-002196-OM OWEA-S-002196-OM SW Nearly Free Seminar 6/1/2017 Low shear mixing of sludge and polymerimproves performance of the Dewatering Device 0.75
OEPAENF-S-002197-OM OWEA-S-002197-OM SW Nearly Free Seminar 6/1/2017 Oxidation ditch Solutions 0.75
OEPAENF-B-00162-OM OWEA-B-00162-OM SW Nearly Free Seminar 6/1/2017 An Overview of SCADA 1
OEPAENF-B-00160-OM OWEA-B-00160-OM SW Nearly Free Seminar 6/1/2017 Polymeric Repair Options for Common Water/Wastwater Problems 1
OEPAENF-B-00161-OM OWEA-B-00161-OM SW Nearly Free Seminar 6/1/2017 Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump Operation 0.75
OEPAENF-S-002266-OM OWEA-S-002266-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/26/2017 Operations Challenge Competition 2
OEPAENF-S-002268-OM OWEA-S-002268-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/26/2017 Process Control Review Session-Ops Challenge 2
OEPAENF-002267-OM OWEA_S-002267-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/27/2017 Mill Creek Plant Tour 1.5
OEPAENF-S-002269-OM OWEA-S-002269-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/27/2017 Exhibit Tour No. 1 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002270-OM OWEA-S-002270-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/27/2017 Exhibit Tour No. 2 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002198-OM OWEA-S-002198-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Large Diameter Sewer assessment-When to take it to the next Level? 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002199-OM OWEA-S-002199-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Easterly WWTP-Dry and wet Weather Treatment Strategies 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002201-OM OWEA-S-002201-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Following up after ten years…An Updated Long-Term Residuals Plan 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002203-OM OWEA-S-002203-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Interceptors and FEMA and the Corps, Oh My! 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002204-OM OWEA-S-002204-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Clarifier tests Reveal Greater Capacity for Mill Creek WWTP 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002205-OM OWEA-S-002205-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Overflow Control using Chemically Enhanced High Rate Treatmen 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002207-OM OWEA-S-002207-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 OEPA CSO Overflow Reporting-Regional Sewer District Reviews and Updates Process 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002208-OM OWEA-S-002208-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Case Studies on recognizing and Replacing Aged Tgrickling Filter Media 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002210-OM OWEA-S-002210-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Upgrades for a Critical Wastewater Pump Station 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002212-OM OWEA-S-002212-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 The Westerly Storage Tunnel and Dewatering Pump station: How to hit a moving Target 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002213-OM OWEA-S-002213-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Bulk Food Waste as a Viable Revenue Source: Market Assessment 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002215-X OWEA-S-002215-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 My Journey to create the Work Culture I always Wanted 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002217-OM OWEA-S-002217-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Evaluating River-Influenced GW Infiltration and Sewer Rehab Effectiveness 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002218-OM OWEA-S-002218-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Cost-Effectively Upgrading an Old Combined Sewer Pump Station 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002221-OM OWEA-S-002221-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 A Comparison of Low-Pressure Membrane Module Performance in a Difficult Sec. Eff App 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002222-OM OWEA-S-002222-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Continuous Calibration of a Model using a robust set of Data 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002223-OM OWEA-S-002223-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 SSO 700 IWAP: Development of an Integrated Water Quality Modeling Framework 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002225-OM OWEA-S-002225-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Case Studies where Proactive Flow Monitoring results in Potential 100 Million in Savings 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002227-OM OWEA-S-002227-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 NEORSD Southerly WWTC-Grease Removal System O&M Benefits 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002228-OM OWEA-S-002228-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Maximizing Pumping Capacity using Screw Centrifugal Pumps 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002231-OM OWEA-S-002231-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 High Speed Blower Installation cuts Electrical Costs and improves Operations 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002232-OM OWEA-S-002232-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Sanitary Lateral Issues, Repair Methods and Costs, Ordinances and Financing 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002233-OM OWEA-S-002233-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 MSDGC CSO Challenge Evaluating Innovative CSO Treatment Strategies 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002234-OM OWEA-S-002234-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 How to double your Biogas Dollars 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002235-OM OWEA-S-002235-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Small Wastewater Plants can save Money Too 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002237-OM OWEA-S-002237-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Case Studies using Rare Earth Technology to Achieve Low Level Phosphorus Limits 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002239-OM OWEA-S-002239-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 A Step Towards CSO Elinimation: Subset Ave. Sewer Separation 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002240-OM OWEA-S-002240-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Filters or Settling? Cost Savings by Addressing The Cause, not the Problem 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002242-OM OWEA-S-002242-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Tunneling through Time 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002243-OM OWEA-S-002243-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 A Syst. / Connected Approach for Siting Green Infra. To Deliver opt.Watershed Solutions 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002245-OM OWEA-S-002245-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Innovative Improvements to Muddy Creek WWTP Grit Rem. System-No Space-No Problem 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002246-OM OWEA-S-002246-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Comparing Aeration Blower Technologies on a Wire to Air Basis 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002248-OM OWEA-S-002248-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Implementing SRT Control at the NEORSD Southerly WWTC stabilizes Oper./Red. Costs 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002251-OM OWEA-S-002251-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Resolving Operational Issues at the Newark WWTP Using Collaborative Approach Involving Industrial Discharger 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002253-OM OWEA-S-002253-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Using Natural Systems to Accomplish Stormwater Separation and Water quality Goals 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002254-OM OWEA-S-002254-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Living Assets: MSDGHC's Green Infra. Maintenance Program and Use of Performance Ind. 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002256-X OWEA-S-002256-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Collaboration across Boundaries to Achieve Integrated Watershed Management 0.5
OEPAENF-B-00163-OM OWEA-B-00163-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Harvesting Op. Inefficiency: Strategies to Suceed in Energy Savings Perform. Contracting 0.5
OEPAENF-B-00165-X OWEA-B-00165-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Master Planning Ohio's Fastest Growing County 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002259-OM OWEA-S-002259-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 NEORSD's Process for Gathering local SSES Data for Mem. Comm Infrastrucfture Program 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002260-OM OWEA-S-002260-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Miamisburg Ohio, CMOM and Sewer Inspection and Rehab Program 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002261-OM OWEA-S-002261-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Failure Analysis Helps Improve Continuous Sewer Assessment Program 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002262-OM OWEA-S-002262-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Managing the useful Life of Segmented Block Sewers 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002263-OM OWEA-S-002263-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 Digging Deeper to Save Dayton over 0.5 M dollars on their RAS and WAS Upgrades 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002265-OM OWEA-S-002265-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/28/2017 The Reality of Biosolids Land Application 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002200-OM OWEA-S-002200-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/29/2017 Separation can be a good Thing 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002202-OM OWEA-S-002202-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/29/2017 A Look Forward-The Effect of Screen Design on Capture Rate and Plant Maintenance 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002206-OM OWEA-S-002206-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/29/2017 Bioassay Testing, Calculations and the Toxicity Identification Process 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002211-OM OWEA-S-002211-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/29/2017 A look Forward-Methods of Algae Control in Clarifier Effluent Channels 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002214-OM OWEA-S-002214-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/29/2017 A Look Forward-Ammonia Water Quality Criteria: The past, the present and the Future 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002216-OM OWEA-S-002216-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/29/2017 A Look Forward-A Pilot Demo: Online Analysis for WW Chlor/Dechlor Dosing Control 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002219-OM OWEA-S-002219-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/29/2017 A Look Forward-How to handle Low Level Phosphorus Limits with Creative Solutions 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002220-OM OWEA-S-002220-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/29/2017 Evaluation of Peracetic Acid (PAA) as Wastewater Disinfectant 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002224-OM OWEA-S-002224-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/29/2017 Pilot Testing to Design Reaqlity: Implementing a Cost Effective Wet Weather Treat. Solution 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002226-OM OWEA-S-002226-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/29/2017 Verical Route or under pressure Aeration Analysis for EBNR 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002229-OM OWEA-S-002229-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/29/2017 Nutrient Removal Optimization at the Fairview WWTP 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002230-OM OWEA-S-002230-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/29/2017 Integ. Appr. To Managing Wet Weath. Flow at NEORSD Southerly to Protect Plant Ops 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002236-OM OWEA-S-002236-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/29/2017 Disinfection Control Improvements produce big Savings 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002238-OM OWEA-S-002238-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/29/2017 A Look Forward-Efficient Nutrient Removal at Low DO Concentrations 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002241-OM OWEA-S-002241-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/29/2017 An Innovative Approach to Retrofitting for Nitrogen Removal 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002244-OM OWEA-S-002244-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/29/2017 A Look Forward-Will your Green Infra. Program help you comply with your Consent Order? 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002247-OM OWEA-S-002247-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/29/2017 Ohio's SSI's keep burning with new Air Emissions Technology 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002249-OM OWEA-S-002249-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/29/2017 Next Generation Sewer modeling-Isolating RDII Sources 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002250-OM OWEA-S-002250-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/29/2017 The State of Enhanced High-Rate Treatment in Ohio 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002252-OM OWEA-S-002252-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/29/2017 Nutrient Load Reductions: Policies for Diverse Perspective 1.5
OEPAENF-S-002257-OM OWEA-S-002257-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/29/2017 Preliminary Assessment of Nutrient Depewndency of a Mixed Cyanobacgteria Culture 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002258-OM OWEA-S-002258-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/29/2017 Innovative Approach for Capacity Increase at the North Olmsted WWTP 0.5
OEPAENF-B-00164-OM OWEA-B-00164-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/29/2017 A Look Forward-Corrosion Control for Water and Wastewater Systems 0.5
OEPAENF-B-00166-OM OWEA-B-00166-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/29/2017 From Pressurized Chlorine Gas to Peace of Mind 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002264-OM OWEA-S-002264-OM OWEA 2017 Conference 6/29/2017 A Look Forward-More Affordable, Reliable and Recoverable Nutrient Removal 0.5
OEPAENF-S-002272-OM OWEA-S-002272-OM SW LAC Meeting 7/13/2017 Sampling and Measuring Disolved Oxygen 1
OEPAENF-S-00167-OM OWEA-S-00167-OM SW LAC Meeting 7/13/2017 pH Measurement Principles and Best Measurement Practices 1
OEPAENF-S-00168-OM OWEA-S-00168-OM SW LAC Meeting 7/13/2017 YSI Faciulity Tour 1
OEPAENF-S-002273-OM OWEA-S-002273-OM SW LAC Meeting 7/13/2017 Sampling and Measuring Ammonia 1.25
OEPAENF-S-002274-OM OWEA-S-002274-OM SW LAC Meeting 7/13/2017 Process Monitoring of DO and Ammonia 0.75


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