Lab and Pretreatment Inspector Certification


 OWEA Voluntary Laboratory Certification Program

In the 1980's, OWEA recognized that quality people made quality effluent and other professions in the field of clean water, in addition to the operator, needed recognition and professional standards to be measured by.  The first was the Voluntary Laboratory Certification Program, which is now recognized throughout the State of Ohio and has become the standard in job descriptions.  

In recent years, several members took it upon themselves to develop programs for the Voluntary Certification of Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Operators and Industrial Pretreatment Inspectors.  These certifications are offered to improve water quality within Ohio and to further the knowledge of individuals engaged in wastewater treatment and in the inspection of those facilities.

Below you can find information about these programs:




OWEA Voluntary Wastewater Analyst Certification Renewal

2020 - 2021 Lab Certification Renewals must be processed online starting in early November 2019. Those that have passed to a higher level in this Renewal Cycle do not have to renew. Renewal notices went out via EMAIL.

Payment may be made by credit card, check, or money order (made payable to OWEA). 
Renewals will not be processed without payment. Payments not received by January 31st will be subject to the late $95 fee. All checks must be postmarked by January 31st. We strongly encourage payment by credit card to avoid any delays or added fees.

Renewals are $25.00. If you do not renew by January 31, 2020, you will be required to submit $95.00 to reinstate your certification. If you do not renew by the end of this renewal cycle your certificate is no longer valid and may only be reissued after sitting for and passing the exams again.

OWEA Voluntary Wastewater Analyst Certification will expire on December 31, 2019. 
Renewal Deadline is January 31, 2020.

Renew Here

Please note: 2020-2021 Certification cards will be emailed out in waves.

  • Renewals processed and paid by December 15th will be emailed certification cards the week of December 16th.
  • Renewals processed and paid between December 16th and January 31st will be emailed certification cards the week of February 6th.
  • Late renewals will be emailed certification cards within two weeks of being processed and paid.

Wastewater Laboratory Analyst Certification Exam

Due to COVID-19 dates for the 2021 exam have not been set.


City of Akron Water Reclamation Facility
(training facility)
2460 Akron Peninsula Road
Akron, Ohio 44313

City of Columbus Sewer Maintenance Operations Center
Surveillance Lab
1250 Fairwood Ave.
Columbus, OH 43206

The Application for Wastewater Laboratory Analyst Certification is now online! A fee of $95.00 must be paid by credit card at the time of the application or by check. Your application will not be processed until payment has been received. Any checks must be postmarked by the application deadline.
Apply Here

Please make sure you fill out the application carefully, especially where you are asked for Total hours hands on in laboratory work.  Not completing the application properly could delay your receiving a certificate when you pass the exam.

For the need-to-know criteria, practice test, and exam reference please go to the ABC webpage at

Voluntary Wastewater Laboratory Analyst Certification Program Brochure

For any questions, contact Kathy Beckett, Program Director