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Nutrient Removal Series - 2013
A Delicate Balance:
Nutrient Removal vs. Sustainability
- Where’s the Tipping Point?
  David Clark, P.E., Senior Vice President
  HDR Engineering, Inc.
  J.B. Neethling, Ph.D., P.E., Senior Vice President
  HDR Engineering, Inc.

  Jennifer Frommer, P.E., Vice President
  HDR Engineering, Inc.
09/12/2013 Planning and Operational Strategies for Biological
and Chemical Phosphorus Removal Facilities
  Mark Sneve, PE, BCEE, Senior Associate
  Strand Associates, Inc.
  Scott Stearns, P.E., Senior Associate
  Strand Associates, Inc.

  Troy Larson, Wastewater Operations Specialist
  Strand Associates, Inc.
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11/21/2013 Existing and Future Technologies for Nutrient Removal   James L. Barnard, Ph.D
  D.Ing.h.c.,Pr.Eng. BCEE, WEF Fellow

  Global Practice & Technology Leader
  Black & Veatch
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Large Diameter Sewer Rehabilitation - 2013
City of Columbus
Large Diameter Sewer Condition Assessment:
Program Development and Updates to Approach
  Jeremy Cawley, P.E., Project Manager
  City of Columbus DPU
  Nick Domenick, P.E., Project Manager
  City of Columbus DPU

  Matt Kiefer , PE, Project Engineer
  Chester Engineers
04/02/2013 City of Dayton – Lessons Learned
from Lining of 42” Trunk Sanitary Sewer
  Aaron Zonin, P.E., Dayton
  Division of Sewer Maintenance
  Cory Kinnison, P.E. Dayton
  Division of Water Engineering
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04/25/2013 Condition Assessment & Rehabilitation
of the Chambers Creek Interceptor Tunnel
Pierce County, Washington
  Luis Roberto León, PE, CDM Smith
  Regional Conveyance Market Leader
  John Schroeder, PE, CDM Smith
  Associate/Conveyance Market Leader
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Biosolid Series - 2012
Options for Managing Biosolids P
Under New OEPA Rules
  Trudy Johnston, President, Material Matters
Solids Treatment and Utilization Master Plan
City of Columbus
  Robert E. Van Evra III, EIT, Project Manager
  City of Columbus DPU
  Kathleen Smith, PE, PMP, Project Engineer
  Malcolm Pirnie, The Water Division of ARCADIS
  Daniel E. Gernant , PE, Project Engineer,
  Malcolm Pirnie, The Water Division of ARCADIS
11/01/2012 Biosolids to Soils:
25 Years of Research & Practice
  Ned Beecher, Executive Director
  North East Biosolids & Residuals Association
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Green Infrastructure Series - 2012
Philadelphia's Green City, Clean Waters
  Jessica Brooks, P.E.,
  Philadelphia Water Department
The Gray and Green of CSO Control &
Stormwater Management in Northeast Ohio
  Kellie Rotunno, P.E.,
  Dir. of Engineering & Construction, NEORDS
  Victoria McCauley, P.E.,
  Stormwater Design Manager, NEORSD
  Kyle Dreyfuss-Wells,
  Manager of Watershed Programs, NEORSD
Wet Weather Integrated Planning:
Next Generation in Sustainable Utility
Management and Community Vitality
  MaryLynn Lodor, Environmental Program Manager
  MSDGC - Office of Director
  Sharon Jean-Baptiste, Project Manager Technical
  Support, Environmental Programs MSDGC
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due to technical issues.
07/25/2012 Thinking Outside the Pipe:
Green Infrastructure on the Fresh Coast
  Karen Sands, AICP Manager of Sustainability
  Milwaukee MSD
  Breanne McDonald, Project Manager
  Milwaukee MSD
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Wet Weather Issues Series - 2011
  CSO Treatment Alternatives
  Curtis D. Courter, Hazen and Sawyer
  City of Bowling Green's Approach to Wet Weather
  Douglas P. Clark, WPC Superintendent
  City of Columbus OARS Tunnel
  Greg Fedner, City of Columbus
  Jeff Coffey, DLZ of Ohio
Nutrient Removal Series - 2011
  Nutrient Standards - Where Will They Lead?
  Dan Dudley, Ohio EPA Division of Surface Water
  Gulf Hypoxia and its Impact on Ohio Municipalities
  John Kessler, P.E., Ohio Dept. of Natural
  Nutrient Trading in the Great Miami River Watershed
  Dusty Hall, The Miami Conservancy District
Asset Management Series - 2010
  City of Dayton: Preparing for Asset Management
  Nick Dailey, P.E., City of Dayton
  City of Columbus: Where are we in implementing Asset Management? What  is the Triple Bottom Line? What results are we starting to see because of Asset
  Management? What are the next steps?       
  Kevin Campanella, P.E., City of Columbus                       
  City of Cincinnati: MSD of Greater
  Cincinnati's Integrated Approach to Asset
  Biju George, Deputy Director
  Eric Saylor, Project & Business Dev.Division
  Chery Braun, Wastewater Collection Division
  Scott Maring, Wastewater Treatment Division
  Asset Management Plan Review
for Small Communities
  Wayne Cannon, Rural Dev. Supervisor, Ohio RCAP