Presentations 2016

2016 Workshop Presentations 
Biosolids December 1, 2016
Thursday December 1, 2016
Reliable Management of WWTP Solids with
Microwave Monitoring
Stefano Antonacci, Valmet
Process Monitoring of Suspended Solids with
Optical Sensors
Dr. Robert Smith, YSI
Advancements in Clamp-on Ultrasonic
Flow Meters
Brad Papa, Chaltron Systems
Columbus Southerly Solids Loadout
Bob O'Bryan, Black & Veatch
Rick Kent, City of Columbus
Conditioning and Dewatering of Municipal
Wastewater Solids
Dr. Rao Chitikela, Johnson Controls
Presented by Dr. Mohammad Abu-Orf
What's Hot in Biosolids Processing? Dr. Mohammad Abu-Orf, Hazen and Sawyer
Centralized Digestion Operations from WWTP
and beyond
Logan Randles, Renergy
Feedstock Separation: Organic versus Inorganic Renato Contipelli, quasar energy group
Watershed November 10, 2016
Thursday November 10, 2016
Buckeye Lake Nutrient Reduction Project Jonathan Ferbrache, Fairfield County
The City of Columbus’ 2015 Nitrate Event Michele Gilkerson and Ben Ellsesser, Columbus DPU
Hancock County Flood Mitigation Project Scott Peyton and Steve Wilson,
Maumee Watershed Conservation District
Blueprint Columbus Workforce Development
Training Program
Cynthia Jacobsen, T&M
Land & Water: Fixing combined sewers and
managing Stormwater for clean, abundant
fresh water
Kyle Dreyfuss-Wells, NEORSD
Development of Mill Creek Integrated Water
Quality Model
Rich Hayslett, Black and Veatch
Prioritizing Management Actions in the Cuyahoga
River Area of Concern
Kevin Kratt, Tetra Tech
Permeable pavement and bioretention stormwater
controls: Lessons Learned from Field Monitoring
Ryan Winston, The Ohio State University
The Detroit Green Infrastructure Program: Managing
Stormwater in a Social Context
Carol Hufnagel, Tetra Tech
What changes are under consideration for the next
construction General Permit?
John Mathews, Ohio EPA
Two Decades of Beneficial Use Improvements and
CSO Permitting- The Columbus GA Story
Mark Boner, Westech Inc.
Plant Ops, Lab, and Energy October 26, 27, 2016
Wednesday October 26, 2016
Overview of Green Infrastructure Stacy Passaro, Passaro Engineering
The National Green Infrastructure Certification Program Stacy Passaro, Passaro Engineering
Assessing the Performance of Green Stormwater Controls in Louisville, Kentucky Josh Rivard, MUP; University of Louisville Center for Infrastructure Research
Performance Monitoring of Large Scale Urban Bio-Infiltration Facilities Dave Reutter, Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation District
How Water Utilities are Reinventing Themselves in the New Normal Jennifer Myers, PE, Brown and Caldwell
Southerly WWTP Grease Uploading Station: Beneficial Use of Getting out of Grease Harry Shaposka, PE of NEORSD
Jeff Ifft, PE Brown and Caldwell
You Can't Keep a Good Operator Down Barb Wagner, Keith Heffner, Tim Hauck, Cincinnati MSD
Jason Tincu, Brown and Caldwell
Thursday October 27, 2016
Plant Ops
The NWDO-DSW Process Control Team Is Ready to Help Andy Gall, Northwest District Ohio EPA
CSO Mitigation: Results are in For the City of Bowling Green Doug Clark, City of Bowling Green
The Evolution ofr Nutrient Recovery: Case Studies and Lessons Learned for the Field Rachel M. Lee, PE, Osstara Nutrient Recovery Technologies, Inc
Emergency Pumping and Maintenance Doug Sayre, Allied Technical Services, Inc. and Tony Chirco, Gorman Rupp Pump Company
Why Change Me? The Advantages of Personal Evolution Jason Tincu, Brown and Caldwell and Dave Wilson, BL Anderson
Process Monitoring for Biological and Chemical Nutrient Removal Robert Smith, YSI / Xylem
Total Phosphorus and Dissolved Phosphorus monitoring study Melodi Clark, City of Columbus
Understanding Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) Testing for NPDES Chris Tarr, Great Lakes
The Fabulous Lab Game Show Jerry Wright, City of Dayton
The Pros and Cons of Discrete Wet Chemistry and Flow Injection Analyzers for Typical Water Testing Laboratories Mark Fashion, President Covenant Analytical Solutions
How to Write a Lab SOP to Meet Federal Guidlines Denise Seman, City of Youngstown
Submitting your DMR through eBiz Denise Seman, City of Youngstown
Engaging Ohio and the Region in WWTP Energy Efficiency LouAnn Unger, U.S. EPA
Elizabeth Wick, Ohio EPA
Donald King, TetraTech, Inc.
Worker Safety, Process Control, Fiscal Constraints, and Energy Audits- Understanding and Playing the Game Donald King TetraTech, Inc.
Setting Priorities for Energy Efficiency (Delphos) and Overcoming Capital Improvement Barriers (U.S. EPA) Todd Teman and Shane Coleman, Delphos;Jonathan Moody, U.S. EPA
Energy Reset (Xenia) and Tackling Energy Improvement at an Aging Plant (Lorain Black River)
Part Two of Presentation
Edward Walker, Xenia and Alex Berki, Lorain
Saving Energy through Process Control and Other Improvement Projects Jon van Dommelen, Ohio EPA Donald King TetraTech Inc.
Working Backwards Toward Success; Energy Jeopardy Challenge Donald King, TetraTech Inc.

2016 OWEA Technical Conference & Expo
Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Young Professional Papers
Holistic Sewer Rehabilitation for the Next Generation I/I Control Muralikrishna Chelupati, PE, ARCADIS
Blueprint of Columbus Prioritization through Stakeholder Involvement and GI Megan Miranda, PE, American Structurepoint
Design Considerations of the Lick Run Greenway for CSO Control Jenn Delebreau, Strand Associates


Wednesday, June 29, 2016 - AM Technical Sessions
The Lab Analyst and Process Monitoring – How to Increase  Treatment Efficiency Without Even Trying Robert Smith, Xylem – YSI
Updates to the New Method Detection Limit in 40CFR Part 136 Carol Turner, NEORSD
Implementation of a Field Sampling Audit Procedure Erin Hammer, Alloway
Total and Dissolved Phosphorus Monitoring Study Melodi Clark, City of Columbus?
Is Your “New” Treatment Technology Really Disruptive? Art Umble, PE, MWH Global?
Application of a Hydrolysed Biosolid Product as a Carbon Source in Biological Nutrient Removal Jeanette Brown, Manhattan College
Nutrient Reduction Through Use of Advanced Biological 
Nutrient Recovery
Rick Johnson, Clearas Water Recovery
A Roadmap for Smarter Nutrient Management in a Carbon and Energy Constrained World  Dr. Samuel Jeyanayagam, CH2M
SSO 700 IWAP: Development of a Water Quality Sampling Program Kathleen Bollmer, PE, CH2M
Chevrolet Boulevard Basin: A Local/Regional Stormwater Project Jay Mosley, PE, AECOM
Bringing Together Treatment, Storage and Conveyance for System-Wide, Continuous Real Time Optimization Timothy Ruggaber, PE, EmNet
Lancaster Phase II LTCP Success : Part 1 Developing the Plan Laura McGinnis, PE, ARCADIS
Denise Crews, City of Lancaster
Protecting Operators from Falls: A Case Study Tracy Riepenhoff, PE, LJB 
Corey Timko, City of North Ridgeville
Cost Effective Reduction of the Hg in NEORSD’s Incineration  Scott Reed, PE, Black and Veatch 
Robin Rupe, PE, NEORSD    
Akron’s Main Outfall Sewer Alternate Design and Construction Louis Burnoski, PE, AECOM 
Travis Capper, PE, City of Akron
The Miamisburg WRF Challenge: Innovative Planning and Design for Compliance and Wet Weather Improvements Steven Reese, PE, Hazen and Sawyer 
David Reinker, City of Miamisburg


Wednesday, June 29, 2016 - PM Technical Sessions
Wet Weather
Green vs. Gray: Applying Sound Planning Principles to Optimize CSO Control Efforts  David White, PE, Wade Trim
Does Green Infrastructure Meet Expectations at an Urban Zoo Nancy Ellwood, CDM Smith 
Mark Fisher, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden
A CMOM Program? It Doesn’t Need to be Scary: A Guide to Implementation and Documentation Steve Donovan, Brown and Caldwell
Development of a Stormwater Management Plan for a Phase II Small MS4s - Insight and Innovation  Anil Tangirala &
Brenda VanCleave, ms consultants
Can Small Plants Meet Revised Ammonia and Nitrogen Criteria Tyler Linton & 
Craig Varos, Great Lakes Environmental Center
When Cost Matters Robert Hrusovsky, PE, MWH?
Lake County Madison WWTP: Building on the Past and Looking to the Future Robert Schreiner, PE, Burgess & Niple Dennis Meek, PE, DM Engineering
Optimization of Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal Process to Achieve Low Phosphorus Limits  Sara Arabi, PE, Environmental Operating Solutions?
Lancaster Phase II LTCP Success: Part 2 Financing the Plan Brian Bass, PE, ARCADIS 
Denise Crews, City of Lancaster
CSO Mitigation; The Results Are in for the City of Bowling Green, Ohio Gibson Chen, PE, Avetin Engineering 
Douglas Clark, City of Bowling Green
Taking an Emerging Enhanced High-Rate Treatment Technology from Concept to 100-mgd Reality  Bob O’Bryan, PE, Black & Veatch
The City of Defiance’s Integrated Long Term Control Plan: Targeted Inflow Reduction for CSO Control     Caitlin Ruza, AECOM
Mark Lehnert, City of Defiance
Recruiting the Next Generation of Operators and Engineers Carolyn Watkins, Ohio EPA
“We Don’t Need No…….Incineration” Columbus Transitions to 100% Beneficial Re-Use of Biosolids  Sierra McCreary, PE, Black and Veatch
Brandon Fox, City of Columbus
Impacts of PPCP’s on Our Waterways: A Brief Review Bill Zawiski, Ohio EPA
Five Years Since Ohio Construction Reform was Approved Dennis Tinkler, PE, Kokosing Industrial


Thursday, June 30, 2016
Asset Management
Performance Contracting Tim Murphy, Schneider Electric
Asset Management for Wastewater Utilities     Richard Miller, PE & 
Allen Aspacher, PE, FTCH
Equipping Operators with Meaningful Financial Data Scott Maring, MCDGC
Christy Cooper, Hilltop Consulting
What’s in Your Maintenance Management Wallet? Simon Watson, Brown and Caldwell
Regulatory Update
Ohio EPA DEFA Program Updates & Case Histories Jerry Rouch, Ohio EPA
Upcoming Nutrient Rules: What You Should Expect     Guy Jamesson, PE, City of Columbus
Ohio EPA DSW Program Updates Erin Sherer, NPDES Permit Manager, DSW, CO
Ohio EPA Agency Update Craig Butler, Director, Ohio EPA

2016 Collections Systems Specialty Workshop
May 18th, 2016 - DoubleTree Worthington
Presentation Title         
Prioritization of Sewer Repairs for the City of Akron
Dan Johnson
Asset Management of Collection Systems
Tom Brankamp
Asset Management for Small Communities
Rick Miller 
Columbus Has Gone Green
C. Timothy Fallara
Eric Onderak 
Green Infrastructure Maintenance
Craig Frye
How To Get That Project Funded
Roberta Acosta 
City of Akron - Three Green for Gray Projects
Patrick Gsellman
Kristen Miller
Improving Green Infrastructure
Michael Cook
City of Akron FOG Program
- Fred Neugebauer
- Dan Moss
Bypass Pumping - Selecting Equipment
- Kevin Bauer
Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Geospatial Data Collection
- Aaron Lawrence
City of Columbus Odor Control Program: Then & Now
- Jeremy Cawley
- Lee Weber

2016 Government Affairs Workshop
March 17th 2016 DoubleTree Worthington

Presentation Title
Ohio EPA Update
Craig Butler, Director Ohio EPA
Pdf File
Ohio EPA Division of Water Update
Erin Sherer and Harry Kallipolitis
OEPA/DSW OEPA Program Managers
Pdf File
Ohio's Future Nutrients Rules- Episode MMXVI:
A New Hope
- Guy Jamesson, P.E., BCEE, City of Columbus
- Elizabeth Toot-Levy, Geosyntec Consultants
ORSANCO Status Report
- Richard Harrioson P.E., Executive Director, ORSANCO
2016 WEF Washington Update
- Claudio Ternieden, WEF
Pdf File
WERF and LIFT update
- Dorn Sanders,WERF
- Fidan Karimova, WERF
Pdf File
Ohio EPA DEFA: Reorganizing to better serve Ohio Communities and Businesses
- Alauddin Alauddin, P.E. Assistant Chief OEPA, DEFA
- Jerry Rouch, Assistant Chief OEPA, DEFA
EPA's Next Generation Compliance Program
Are We Ready for Big Data
- Adrienne Nemura, P.E., Geosyntec Consultants