Acknowledging a Warmer than Usual Fall – OWEA 2017 2nd Chance Abstract Submittal – 11/15/2016

We know everyone has been enjoying the warmer than usual fall throughout Ohio…..and as a result, you may have chosen to spend a weekend or evening outside instead of submitting your OWEA 2017 abstract.
If that applies to you, please take advantage of a colder evening or afternoon (we’re sure they’re coming) and submit an abstract by 11/15.  Please go to OWEA Call for Abstracts for more information and to submit your abstract.
OWEA 2017 Technical Conference Call for Abstracts Flyer

2016 Watershed Workshop
November 10, 2016
The Ohio Union @ OSU
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NE Collection Systems Hands-On Workshop
October 20, 2016
NW Collection Systems Hands-On Workshop
December 8, 2016
SE Collection Systems Hands-On Workshop
November 17, 2016
SW Collection Systems Hands-On Workshop
November 3, 2016
Rollin' Down the River OWEA 2017 Technical Conference & Expo

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National Ammonia Water Quality Criteria Survey
DEADLINE: October 15, 2016
This survey is part of an Ohio Water Development Authority (OWDA) Research and Development Grant (#7179) sponsored by the City of Johnstown, OH and supported by Ohio EPA, OWEA, and several partnering POTWs. This survey should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

This survey is very important. This is your opportunity to provide useful information to Ohio EPA. The information can only benefit dischargers because it will allow Ohio EPA to make the best decisions possible. 

National Ammonia Water Quality Criteria Survey Link