Code of Ethics


 Code of Ethics
Ohio Water Environment Association
Adopted June 17, 1964
Cincinnati, Ohio

As one engaged in providing public and private wastewater treatment, and as a member of the
Ohio Water Environment Association, I hold to the following principles:
To perform my duties to the best of my ability in the operations of facilities for which I am responsible.
  1. To endeavor to keep myself informed in the technology of my field, utilizing membership and participation in technical and professional organizations, technical, literature, and research whenever possible.
  2. To refrain from participating in any endeavor which to my knowledge is fraudulent or contrary to public and private welfare, or contrary to the welfare of my employer.
  3. To oppose incompetent and incomplete inspections, sampling, analysis, testing, consultation, development, and research work. And in all instances, to exemplify complete intellectual honesty in obtaining, interpreting and reporting data.
  4. To refrain from making degrading remarks about fellow members or any insinuations tending to lower confidence in the waste treatment field. This does not preclude, however, rendering professional opinions on specific applications resulting from the endeavors of others.
  5. To refrain from offering reduced fees knowingly, for services being performed by another competent person in this field.
  6. To place service before gain, being truthful in all endeavors, and in humility with the need for divine guidance I make this pledge.

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