Presentations 2015

2015 Biosolids Workshop
December 3, 2015 at the Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center
Presentation Title
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Restoring Ecosystem Function in Degraded Urban Soil Using
Biosolids, Biosolids Blend and Compost
pdf file
City of Columbus Deep Row Hybrid Poplar Program Update
Heather Curtis, City of Columbus
Thermal Hydrolysis: The Ins and Outs,Ups and Downs
Matthew Van Horne, Hazen and Sawyer
High Performance Anaerobic Digestion: Co-Digestion and Thermal
Dave Parry, CH2MHILL
NEORSD’s Southerly Renewable Energy Facility: Evaluation of Performance after One Year of Operation 
Biosolids Dewatering Alternatives
Land Application Rates for Manure
Kevin Elder, Ohio Dept of Agriculture
Hydrolysis Process Converts Dewatered Biosolids into a Liquid Class
A Product for Low Cost Land Application
Bill Mullin, Lystek International Inc.

2015 Watershed Workshop
November 12, 2015 at the OSU Ohio Union
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Sustaining Scioto
David Rutter, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission
pdf file
Watershed Management Strategies that Cost-Effectively
Reduce Drinking Water Risks
Lorraine W. Krzyzewski, City of Columbus DPU
and Julie McGill, CDM Smith
Case Study of Integrated Water Quality Approach in Cincinnati Watershed
Ting Lu, Ph.D., P.E., Black & Veatch
City of Indianapolis Sunset Avenue Street Reconstruction:
A Green Infrastructure Case Study
John Hazlett, Williams Creek Consulting
Monitoring Green Infrastucture Stormwater Control Measures
ORSANCO: Facilitating Collaboration to Address Water
Quality Issues on the Ohio River
Lake Erie Nutrients- Phosphorous Modeling
Dr. Christopher Winslow, The Ohio State University 
On-Farm Nutrient Management to Improve Water Quality
Jordan Hoewischer, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation
100 Years of Watershed Management in the Great Miami River Watershed Sarah Hippensteel Hall, Miami Conservancy District pdf file
The Effects of Pharmaceuticals, Specifically Caffeine,
on Waterways Receiving Wastewater Effluent
Melanie Marshall, Bowling Green University pdf file
Infrastructure Protection Through Stream Restoration Jim Turner, Coldwater Consulting, LLC pdf file
Scioto Greenways Bryon RIngley, Stantec pdf file

2015 Plant Operations and Laboratory Analysis Workshop
October 21-22, 2015 at the Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center
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Wednesday Plant Operations Track
Plant Optimization, Water Quality and Regulatory Strategy:
A Winning Combination - Part 1 and 2
Dave Clark, Jennifer Frommer, and Rich Atoulikian
HDR Engineering, Inc.
pdf file
What Goes Around, Comes Around:
How Ohio EPA Uses What You Report - Part 1 and 2
Donna Kniss and Erm Gomes, Ohio EPA
The Nature of Equipment Failure –
Understanding and Controlling Random Failures
PM Optimization – Getting the Most Out of Limited Resources
Thursday Plant Operations Track
Energy Purchasing, Capacity Charges, and Usage Reduction
Kevin Krejny, Montgomery County
Operational Challenges of a Leachate Pretreatment Plant
Ivan Cooper and Chad Roby, Civil & Environ Consultants
Senate Bill 1 – Implementation of the POTW Requirements
Erin Sherer, Ohio EPA
Operator Certification Update
Andy Barienbrock, Ohio EPA
Nitrifying and Denitrifying in Sludge Processing Operations Kevin Staton, Thermal Process Systems pdf file
Toledo Water Crisis & Emergency Planning for Treatment Plants Tim Murphy and Chad Roby, Civil & Environ Consultants pdf file
Rotary Lobe Pump Operations and Maintenance Larry Montgomery, Boerger LLC pdf file
Getting the Funding Streams to Flow:
Identifying Alternatives to Rate Increases
Ebie Holst, Splashlink NA
Thursday Laboratory Track
Sampling, Sample Handling, and Custody Procedures Leslie VanKuren, NEORSD pdf file
Detection or Reporting Limit . . . Which to Use Where Marcy Bolek, Alloway pdf file
Inline Process Monitoring and How It Applies to the Lab Robert Smith, Xylem pdf file
Fabulous Lab Game Show Jerry Wright, City of Dayton pdf file
Cutting Up the Pie – The Ohio Wasteload Allocation Process John Kwolek, OEPA Retired, Enviroscience pdf file
pH: History, Probe Selection, Care, and Troubleshooting Tim Meirose, Thermo Scientific pdf file

 2015 OWEA Technical Conference & Exhibition Presentations
June 22-25, 2015 - Kalahari Convention Center, Sandusky Ohio
NWOWEA Preconference Workshop - Monday, June 22, 2015 - Operations/Energy Efficiency
Chris Cira, MTECH
Scott Strahley, Ohio RCAP
Dale Kocarek, Stantec
Andy Gall, Ohio EPA
Compliance Assistance Activated Sludge Process Control Troubleshooting Chart
Jon VonDommelen, Ohio EPA


NWOWEA Preconference Workshop - Monday, June 22, 2015 - Managerial
Tom Fishbaugh, Ohio RCAP
John Newsome, City of Columbus
Marueen Metcalf, Metcalf and Associates
James Salerno, MMWH Constructors
Hillary Holmes, MMWH Constructors
Michael Rotunno, ARCADIS
Kevin Slaven, ARCADIS
Tom Fishbaugh, Ohio RCAP


Tuesday, June 23, 2015
Exhibitor Presentations
Mike Maringer, quasar energy group
Mark Boner, WWETCO / WesTech
Mark Hughes, P.E., Aqua Aerobic Systems
Upgrading Lagoons to Remove Ammonia, Nitrogen, and Phosphorous
Todd Latchaw, Nelson Environmental
ENRF Pump Station Blue Plains/DC Water
Azir Kahn, KSB
Robert Ayers, Lobe Pro
Kevin Stanton, P.E., Thermal Process Systems
Chris Cira, MTech


Wednesday, June 24, 2015 - AM Technical Sessions
Sam Jeyanayagam, PhD, PE, BCEE, CH2M HILL
Sam Jeyanayagam, PhD, PE, BCEE, Deammon
Jim Fitzpatrick, PhD, PE, Black & Veatch
Bill Meinert, PE, O'Brien & Gere
Green Technology/Energy
Patrick Eiden, PE, HDR
Leslie Schehl, PE, MBA, PMP, MSDGC
Frank Scriver and Nick Meeten, Huber Technology
Kevin Krejney, Montgomery County Envir Services
Sean O'Rourke, PE, Hazen and Sawyer
Dave Reimer, City of Miamisburg
Laura McGinnis, PE, ARCADIS
Mary Garza, City of Lorain
George Selembo, PhD, PE, Infosense
Tim Antos, PE and Brandon Long, Burgess & Niple
Timothy McCann, PE, AECOM
Keith Bovard, Rocky River WWTP
Renato Contipelli, quasar energy group
Viraj DeSilvia, PhD, PE, BCEE, American Structurepoint, Inc.
Marcy Bolek, Alloway


Wednesday, June 24, 2015 - PM Technical Sessions
Jennifer Frommer, PE, HDR
James Gellner, PE, Hazen and Sawyer
Dan Miklos, Hazen and Sawyer
Phil Anderson, ARCADIS
Joseph Carlston, Molycorp, Inc.
Integrated Planning
Brad Lowery, PE, Jones and Henry Engineers
Thomas Ungar, PE, Hazen and Sawyer
Gary Sheely, City of Lima
Margi Hermer, RAMA Consulting Group, Inc.
Jordan McCormack, PE, American Structurepoint
Wet Weather
Ed Kelly, Storm Water Control Services, LLC
Advancing Wet Weather Treatment: The NEORSD Demonstration of a Cost-Effective Solution
Nick Bucurel, PE, Brown and Caldwell
Greg Binder, PE, NEORSD
Anthony Farina, PE, Hazen and Sawyer
Peter Kube, PE, ARCADIS
Wastewater Treatment
Jason Beck, PE, Hazen and Sawyer
Brian Clark, City of Sidney
Kristin Waller, CTI
Bill Meinert, O'Brien & Gere
Carl Seifried, PE, Burgess & Niple
Kevin Zebrowski, NEORSD


Thursday, June 25, 2015
Asset Management
Jason Tincu, Brown and Caldwell
Eric Wahlberg, PhD, Brown and Caldwell
Roger Loomis, City of Newark
Michael Irwin, EI, ARCADIS
Jack Rafter, PE, BCEE, FTC&H
Joel Davenport, PE, Holland Area WRRF
Don Esping, PE, Brown and Caldwell
Government and Regulatory
Rick Johnson, Clearas Water Recovery
Laura Factor, Ohio EPA
Tiffani Kavalac and Erin Sherer, Ohio EPA
Jerry Rouch, Ohio EPA

Collections Systems Specialty Workshop
May 14, 2015 
at the Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center
Presentation Title
PDF File
Geen Where No Green Has Gone Before
Tim FallaraCity of Columbus 
Steven ThompsonAECOM
Sewer Rehabilittion Specifications – Making Them Bettera
Donald H. GallimoreP.E. United Survey, Inc.
Infrastructure Repair Using Chemical Grouts
Ed Paradis, Spetec
High Water/Dry Weather Protection – Managing Our Aging CSO Structures
Keith BairP.E., Shrewsberry and Associates
Westlake Interceptor Lining Project: Big Initial Repair Saving Prove Long-Term Success
Bradley M. BoyerWatermark Engineered Product Sales, Inc.
Working for Green: The City of Columbus Blueprint Green Infrastructure Workforce Training Program
John HazlettLEEDWilliams Creek Consulting
Keena Smith, City of Columbus

Cynthia JacobsenT&M Associates
Using Acoustic Inspection to Prioritize Sewer Cleaning
George SelemboInfoSense, Inc.
Trenchless Installations from a Construction Perspective
Dan Liotti, P.E.
Jason Miller, Midwest Mole
Real-Time Control in Columbus Collection System
Gary HickmanCity of Columbus
Ed HeyobDerek WrideAfaf Musa, CDM Smith
OARS – Flow Diversion Structures That Can Control Up to 1,700 MGD
Jeff CoffeyP.E., DLZ
Lessons Learned from Inspecting 860 Miles of Sewer Pipe
Tim AntosBurgess & Niple
How to Select, Procure, and Utilize Multi-Sensor Sewer Inspection Data to Make Intelligent Decisions
John SchroederP.E., CDM Smith
pdf file 
2015 Government and Regulatory Affairs Specialty Workshop
March 5, 2015 at the Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center
Presentation Title
PDF File
Ohio EPA Update
Craig Butler, Ohio EPA
Ohio EPA Division of Surface Water Update
Karl Gebhardt, Ohio EPA
Nutrients TAG Report:  Nutrients Rulemaking Status Update
Elizabeth Toot-Levy, NEORSD
Guy Jamesson, City of Columbus
Sustaining Scioto
David Rutter, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission
EPA Office of Water Program Update
WEF's Washington Update
Stormwater Update
Jason Fyffe, Ohio EPA 
Federal and State Court Decisions Update
Theodore Boggs, Vorys