Laboratory Analysis

Committee Members

The OWEA Laboratory Analysis Committee was formed to promote high quality performance of water pollution control laboratories.

Co-State Chair

Denise Seman

City of Youngstown 330.742.8820
Co-State Chair Melodi Clark City of Columbus 614.645.1239

NW Chair 1

Anthony Hintze City of Fremont


NW Chair 2

Terri Brenner

City of Perrysburg


NE Chair

Beverly Hoffman Geneva WWTP 440.446.4228
SW Chair 1

Jim Davis

Montgomery County Env. Lab


SW Chair 2

Karen Tenore

City of Dayton 937.333.1501

SE Chair

Melodi Clark

City of Columbus 614.645.1239
If you would like to join the Lab Analysis Committee or if you have a laboratory question or problem, please contact one of the above members.

NPDES Inspections of Wastewater Labs in Ohio
Ohio EPA Division of Surface Water is now including basic inspections of wastewater treatment plant laboratories with their Compliance Evaluation Inspections (CEIs). These are separate from the detailed lab audits conducted by Ohio EPA Division of Environmental Services and are intended to be an overview of laboratory practices.
The intent is to identify "red flag" issues. These are problems with laboratory practices which may call into question the reliability and accuracy of data generated.
The lab inspection process (General Lab criteria or GLC) uses a "broad strokes" approach and does not require inspectors to review details of analytical procedures. The intent is to help wastewater labs generate defensible data. Deficiencies discovered in initial inspections will not generally be treated as violations.
For more information go to  NPDES Inspections of Waste Water Labs in Ohio
General Lab Criteria Review Form
NESOWEA WW Analyst Study Manual