Keep Ohio Waters Clean

You  can help keep Ohio's waters clean.

Do not flush medicines (prescription, over-the-counter, vitamins, patches) or personal care products (PCP's) down the drain or toilet.

Department of Justice National Take-Back Initiative

Visit EPA's Water: Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products web page

US FDA – recommends flushing certain unused medicines

Top Ten Things Not to Flush

The Ohio Water Environment Association surveyed Ohio's water quality professionals to determine the "Top Ten Things Not to Flush".  Please keep in mind that everything that is flushed or put down a drain has to be cleaned and removed before treated water can be released into Ohio's waters.  As one water quality professional wrote "if you didn't eat or drink it, don't put it down the drain".
  1. Medications
    Prescription, over-the-counter, vitamins, illegal drugs, patches, and hypodermic needles
  1. Cloth
    Cleaning rags, nylon stockings, underwear, shop towels, mop heads, dental floss
  2. Feminine Products
    Sanitary pads, tampons, applicators
  3. Plastic
    Plastic bags, plastic cotton swabs, disposable lighters, hotel shampoo bottles
  4. Chemicals
    Cleaning products, herbicides, insecticides, solvents
  5. Grease
    Auto, industrial
  6. Wipes
    Baby wipes, “disposable/flushable” wipes, personal hygiene wipes, and cleaning wipes
  7. Cooking Oil/Grease
    Fats, oils, cooking grease - used or unused
  8. Condoms
    Condoms and condom wrappers
  9. Diapers
    Paper or cloth, no matter how dirty, please dispose of in trash

Top Ten Things Not to Flush Flyer